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Here you may get to know about us more.Our trade company ZHARPTITSA LLC sell various collections of household items, personal care products, children’s toys, electronic equipment& pet products.

We are ayoung, ambitious and upcoming USA trading company. Being a part of Bayram International Trade, which is also our parent company, we’ve gained many experience. A company such as Bayram Trade International which has being doing business since 2014 in the European market, has given us the opportunity to stand on our own.

We do business in wholesale, bulk & retail, it’s the perfect choice for any consumer. One of our aims is to provide a complete mind, body and soul experience as the lifestyle retailer promoting sustainable and unparalleled levels of retail experience.

We know that corporate responsibility is easy to celebrate but hard to practice. Yet companies that place a premium on trust and transparency see increased productivity, greater customer and employee loyalty and, ultimately, more profits.  We prioritize in having honesty with customers and employees or just sticking to their core principles, even when the going gets tough.

We feature a great selection of high-quality merchandise, friendly service and, of course, most reasonable prices. We also have another goal and it’s to bring you the best & happy experience.

We are committed to valuing diversity and unique contributions, by creating a working environment that is open and one that respects individuality. The great thing about inspiration is that it has no limits. Our employees are filled with passion and full of ambition to conquer great heights in order to make your life better.

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We inspire – it’s part of our values

ZharPtitsa llc

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Our mission

Improving the daily life of each customer by providing each them with
a high level of service, a wide range of products and quality products.

Our values

We inspire – it’s part of our values. Part of our lives.

Our positive attitude— We think about our customers and strive to understand their daily requirements. Only by putting customer needs at the forefront, we will be able to offer the best solutions for them.

Team spirit — The company pays great attention to the constant development and self-improvement of employees, since they are the basis for the success of staff and the prosperity of the company. Cooperation for us is the coordinated work of a single team, in which each qualitatively carrying out his/her work affects the company’s achievement of its goal.

Reliability and trust — We believe in long-term relationships and we know that to achieve our goals, we must act as a reliable partner always ready to provide support. We work hard to assure our partners that we offer the highest quality and first-class service, and always strive to create the most necessary solutions. Therefore, your choice in joining hands to work with us for long term would lead to achieve great partnerships.

Respect and honesty — Our company’s activities are based on a stable tradition of respect and honesty. We adhere to these ethical values in our daily activities, both within the organization and in relation to the world around us.

Caring for the environment — We pay great attention to the protection of the environmental at all stages concerning the sale and disposal of our products. Throughout the history of our company, we have always taken the initiative in the field of environmental protection.


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